wITH Badgers Carpet Cleaning Services, high standards come as standard

Cleaners of every type of stain, dirt and pet and body odour from carpets

Ivybridge and Plymouth based, we provide different carpet cleaning methods best suited to your floor and home needs. While also keeping as up to date as possible with industry trends and technologies helping ensure we provide you outstanding cleaning results every time. We effectively remove both new and old stains from carpet and upholstery using professional grade products and techniques. You'll always get a free quote and take advantage of clear offers, without any 'hidden extras'.

The BADGERS Satisfaction guarantee.

All customers benefit from our satisfaction guarantee, where we promise to return to your property of you are not completely satisfied with the cleaning standard your carpets you have received.


Professional carpet cleaning extends the life of carpets and soft furnishings like cushions and sofa upholstery. As marks may mean you need to replace carpet or lose security deposits on a rented property. With both old and new staining, while we have a very high success rate, it would be unprofessional for us to make broad sweeping promises to completely remove everything completely. What we can promise is carpets and fabrics will be significantly better, looking near new, if not completely stain free.